A Glitch Proves Dangerous

                I was a good child growing up; never shouting, making a show of my parents, never throwing tantrums over a toy I wanted if my parents said no, never getting into embarrassing situations. I left that all that up to my younger brother. I took life laid back, not seeing the point in causing all that trouble young children are known to cause. As a result, I was a good child.Things first started going wrong at the age of three, almost four.
I was diagnosed with, what was first thought was eczema, and later turned out to be a rare illness known as Histiocytosis. It was nicknamed an ‘orphan disease’ as it was so uncommon among society, effecting only one in 200,000. So fricken typical for me to catch a rare illness! -.-I don’t really remember the ins and outs of dealing with it at this stage; my parents have told me (told the doctors in the same room which I overheard) that I underwent chemotherapy and hey ho presto the disease was gone (I’m sure not as easily as that)I moved to Dublin, Ireland in 1999, at six years old. I was born in Cheshire, on the border of Manchester, in England.
I started primary school in Dublin, however had been influenced by my short, but so sweet English environment. Musically, culturally and my interests too. I had no symptoms of this illness returning, with only a condition, as a consequence due to this disease that was untreatable.  I was happy in school; of course I had a few adjustments to make to fit in.
Primary school is one of my preferred memories in my lifetime so far; because I didn’t have to face the complications I face now. I made friends in school (a few foes too) quite quickly, and continued with an ordinary life all through primary school. Near the end of primary school, leading in to secondary school is where the change began to happen…

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