Calm Before the Storm

I often wonder, if my family never moved over to Dublin; perhaps I could have never deteriorated so far down to the level I am at now. Perhaps if I stayed in Manchester, a cure, or treatment for my condition could have been investigated faster. The same way my condition at three years old was identified and cured in Manchester; perhaps a repeat might have happened, and saved me from years of suffering and deterioration, as little knowledge or concern was evident in Ireland.

I was in my first year of secondary school, when I was admitted into physiotherapy in Crumlin Hospital, in Dublin; with what was thought to be ‘tight hamstrings’. As most 13-year-old children were like at the time; I did not take my physiotherapy sessions as seriously as should have. I thought ‘what was the point in me being here’.  I couldn’t understand the reason for me being there, because, in my eyes I saw nothing wrong. Therefore, I didn’t practice my physiotherapy at home, only in the hospital itself, during my sessions. There was very little evidence to show problems with walking; as I was still able to walk independently at the time, but I gradually deteriorated over time.

I still had my social life and group of friends, which we continued our regular teenage activities. I had one best mate out of my group of friends since the start of primary school. We continued our day trips to town, venturing to carnivals, visiting each other’s houses and the occasional house party. Creating unforgettable memories along the way. It was now more difficult however to remain in contact with my then best friend from primary school. As we had both decided to go to different secondary schools, adding distance and separation to the equation of our friendship. With my condition to ultimately get worse, it was inevitable; 10 years of friendship was now to be thrown away in my third year at school.

It was this change that became the first of many which has shaped my life into what it is today.

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