False Presumtions

I was born a regular child, my parents taught me how to talk, walk and to basically be independent. I lost the ability to walk at the age of 14 due to a condition I contracted through a rare disease at the age of three years old.
I think that’s one thing people can never wrap their head around; that I once too was a regular, independent person. I didn’t require the help of anyone to do the simple tasks. However now that I have moved into a less independent state, that seems to be the first thing people ask me, whether or not I am showing struggle.
Even my parents ask “are you OK?” 24/7 (slight exaggeration) I think they hear noises in their head and assume it was me and therefore feel the need to make sure I haven’t died trying to get a packet of crisps.
One issue I will never get used to/ settle for, is being called or treated as “disabled”, I cringe at that word even now. I don’t see how a person has the right to judge a person based on their appearance and jump to the conclusion that a person may be of lower intelligence. “Because that person is in a wheelchair; I am jumping to the conclusion that they are mentally handicapped too”. My understanding of a disability is someone incapable of living life independently because of mental issues or needing a wheelchair for permanent use (e.g. paralysis). Not someone who is just presented different physically but has independent thinking. If that person in a wheelchair is 100% clued in; i.e. me, would they still have that label? If that person was not always faced in that position, but forced into it out of an inevitable illness; i.e. ME would they STILL have that label!? I don’t believe so.
One of my aims for studying media in college, is to change the perspective of disability. As I have experienced first-hand the best of both worlds.
I was always so adamant from the transition from walking/ Segway to a wheelchair, without actually knowing the reason why. I guess now I know that reason


My cat uses a wheelchair (when sleeping). Does that mean that she’s disabled too??

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