My Wish Still Pending


Every year, for the past 4/5 years, on my birthday I had made the same birthday-wish; to walk again. I hoped some time during that year my wish would come true.I made the same wish year after year, because each time I said those words in my head, I believed for a second: It may come true this year. Each year went past, and my wish still hadn’t become reality. I started to believe, maybe God and the wish granter were on the same side and wouldn’t give me what I want so bad and allow me to have back my basic life, where I could run, skip, make choices without having to think ahead of how it would be possible.

I eventually grew tired of making wishes, building up false hope. I would spend every birthday, from 2009 until 2012 smiling, but deep down I was hurting. The fact I had to spend, yet another milestone of my life stuck immobile. I always said to myself; when I can walk again, I’ll have the biggest party ever, which will be soon.

I had spent most of my teenage years with no other option but to stay sitting at parties. If I travelled to someone else’s party; I had to look for a spot with a chair, which will become a lively area during the day/night; and sit there for the duration. My mission was to bring the party to me 😉 Without taking the attention away from the party host of course. Most parties I had been to, were family orientated. As my family (extended also) understood the issues I was facing, they did their best to draw the crowd over to my direction, as to involve me.

I don’t want to spend my twenties in the same situation. OK, if I have to spend the first few years immobile, so be it. I turned 20 yesterday, and I hope that by 22/23, I will have recovered from all the obstacles life has thrown in my way. As they say, the terrible twos; in my case, I hope it was just terrible teens.

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