RESPECT- Find Out What it Means to Me

My journey has taught me a lot of things. One of these is respect. Respect is the foundation to any relationship /friendship. In order to gain respect, you must have respect for yourself. This is one thing I am determined to earn when I meet new people.

I didn’t have a choice of what I would like to wear. I couldn’t wear shorts, or tights, short dresses above the knee or tower raising high heels.

I feel this had a positive outcome on my growing up, as I hadn’t become immune to how my dress sense would be judged by others. I wasn’t dressing like a hooker (like many) on a (rare) night out, just to impress the boys.

Dress sense, attitude, value of yourself and more help to create respect for yourself by peers.

These days respect is hard to obtain and maintain as a female, while being taken seriously. I feel our culture has reached extreme conditions. From music videos, TV, advertisements, magazines.. The list is ongoing. Female culture especially, seems to be customizing more and more to a man’s fantasy. The attitude towards women is exploited by most men; and as a result, women resort to these expectations, to ‘fit in’ and not to be considered ‘weird’ for standing out

I am extremely dedicated to this topic and determined to get my message across that women do not need to lower their standards and dress like a ‘slut’ (as I see it) to attract attention, from men or anyone else.

The fact that most people in the public eye comply to this connotation. Both women and men, enforce this illusion that all women should be seen as objects

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