When Shit Hit the Fan

It was reaching the end of third year, the nearing the Junior Cert. The year had a choice of whether or not we would like to take a break from study in Transition Year. My friends and I had decided we weren’t going to sign up for it, with me included; we were all going to head straight in to fifth year, to finish school as quick as possible .

I was fairly young for the school year I was in. Meaning I would have finished secondary school at 17, turning 18 that summer, provided I had skipped Transition Year.

The final day, the school was accepting the TY application forms; my mother was driving me to school that morning, and talked me into believing that it would be a good idea.

I had the slip, signed and correctly filled out, in my hand as I was walking into school. I gave in the slip; with shocked faces from my friends as I handed in my application for Transition Year.

Little did I know at the time, the impact this choice would make for my life.

The following starting year of school, I was faced with new people, new teachers, a new outlook on school , new everything. I didn’t like change, once again this is what I was faced with.

My old friends had continued on into fifth year, leaving me in a new environment to survive on my own. I quickly realised. Transition Year was a BIG mistake. I developed a disliking (to say the least) for school; I felt I wasn’t able to relate to anyone. Maturity was a major issue I had with my new classmates. I felt like a parent looking after a countless number of infants.

This was when I began to see my nightmare starting, in school and in my personal life.

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