Positive Representation

Thumbs up to Guinness for creating this ad. The positive and more accurate portrayal of wheelchair users in this advert gets my approval, in my opinion, it alerts its audience that wheelchair users also have a productive life and have no reason to be pitied. It is also setting an example for equality and inclusion.

The line “The choices we make, reveal the true nature of our character” in this scenario, is a line which I have been trying to get across to people since my mandatory transition to a wheelchair. I know equality is hugely broadcast as a human right, but I feel like some people disregard wheelchair users’ entitlements and taken advantage of them. (https://myybeautifulnightmare.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/disregarded/0 ). They take for granted the services necessary for some people, by abusing  the power for themselves. This ad is open-minded and sends the message of true equality.

It is now being broadcast across television in Ireland; hopefully the result of this advertisement will see a more positive and accepting attitude nationally towards wheelchair users

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