New Experience…. Acupuncture

I am so desperate for even the slightest chance of relief, giving any treatment a go. Even if it means sticking needles into my body.

Recently I was alerted, by a fellow LCH sufferer based in the US , that acupuncture may have positive effects, called acupuncture for neurological conditions (such as LCH).

I had considered acupuncture in the early days of my condition. However, I was naive and unaware of how aggressively I would degenerate, I did not follow through with the idea. I am kicking myself now as I can’t help but wonder what the results might have been if I had tried the treatment before it became a last resort. I had never looked at it that seriously, but no one knew a wheelchair would be the outcome of my naivity.

I searched online for such services in Dublin, doubting there would be a specialist in Dublin. Searching for ‘acupuncture for neurological conditions’ I found a service located in the heart of Dublin.

I explained my situation, and what I was hoping to get out of acupuncture, and we agreed a time for my first appointment; which was yesterday.

I asked my boyfriend to come along with me, unknown of what the set up would be like. The door into the treatment room turned out to be too narrow for the wheelchair to fit through, so Paddy had to carry me through the door.

I was recommended abdominal acupuncture for the first time, as the core has great control over all the limbs.

Surprisingly enough the feeling of the needles penetrating my skin didn’t hurt at all.  The atmosphere was relaxing, the lights were turned off after the my stomach had been artistically drawn on and the procedure was complete, and calming music was played in the background. I was left to relax more or less for 30 minutes . The man left me in the room with Paddy and the needles still in my stomach.

2013-11-08 17.50.09 2013-11-08 17.50.40
The whole treatment lasted a little over an hour. I feel today, my posture is now centred, I am no longer leaning over to one side more than the other. Whether it is a result from the acupuncture or just my consciuos trying to convince my mind acupuncture is correcting my problems.

I am scheduled to return for more acupuncture next week.

2 thoughts on “New Experience…. Acupuncture

  1. Ah Niamh, thank you for writing this article because I have been contemplating this for a while. My pain is becoming more aggressive by the day. I was scared that the needles would hurt, reading this have given me a big boost and I am now going to look into it where I live with hopes of the same outcome (only time will tell). Good luck with the rest of your journey great blogs!

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