Ready For Battle

I have been taking a little break from writing on my blog for the past little while as I have had an overwhelming amount of college work to have handed up in such a short space of time. I also wasn’t receiving any real news worthy to update my blog. I thank you all for sticking around and continueing to follow despite the lack of activity.

My chemotherapy treatment (the one that was supposed to start in December 2013) was prolonged until a further date as additional problem surfaced to be seen as a potential risk. Over the past month and a bit, I have been going through the stages and tring to come up with a solution to cover all the risks. Last Wednesday I had an appointment with my oncologist (doctor in charge of my chemotherapy treatment) and liason nurse (who will be administering the drug). It is all organised for me to start treatment this day next week.

As far as my confidence goes for the benificial effects I will get out of it, it has been knocked because of the delay. I still have a positive mentality, but my level of confidence has been lowered. The doctors’ expectations for the outcome of the treatment sure doesn’t help either. He believes there will be little impact because of the length of time I have lived with this condition. Patients who have been diagnosed within a year of treatment are said to respond better to it; I have been living with this condition for the past seven years, so the stats aren’t that favourable for me. I am a true believer that it’s mind over matter, that positive thoughts and believing in a positive outcome are just as important as the statistics to determine which side of the coin falls. I suppose it is like the optimist (me) VS the realist (doc) in relation to how the results will turn out. Only thing is, my doctor is starting to influence my thoughts. I need words of encouragent! I need to get back in the frame of mind that this treatment will work.

I will be assessed every three months to keep tabs on my improvement (if any). If there is none, the plug will be pulled on my treatment plan; but if there are any signs of benefits, I will battle a full year of treatment.

Regarding college, I am currently trying to complete all my assignments before I start chemo next week, in case I feel too fatigued or run down as a side effect from treatment. I am excited to start, and excited to at least make an attempt for recovery, only time will tell if it was worth the risk.

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