Tomorrow will be one week since my first chemotherapy treatment. Thankfully it didn’t knock me out too much as I was still able to attend college. I only had a little bit of nausea and heartburn on the first day, and let’s hope it stays that way. I don’t feel as if the chemo has had an effect yet, but this doesn’t worry me as it’s still early days; I have another 51 chemo treatments to get through, my next being in March.

I have been really busy with college; I’m in my final semester of a two-year course, it’s really important that I keep on top of the work, so that I can pass and secure my diploma. I am hoping to transfer to DCU, a closer and more reputable university to receive a degree; but to do so, I need to get five distinctions out of the seven modules I am currently doing (big ask for me).

On February 28th it is Rare disease day; as you all know the disease I have, called LCH is a rare disease. I will be raising as much awareness as I can for the disease; I will be very grateful for any help I can get from people supporting me in getting this disease on the world’s radar.

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