No Pain, No Gain

Lent is always my excuse to get healthy; stop eating the sweets and replacing them with fruit and veg.
Lent began on Wednesday and I decided to begin my ritual promise to be more healthy. Rather than giving up just one thing, I decided a number of years ago that I wanted to detox my body from all things associated with being unhealthy every year of lent.
Now is no better excuse to start the healthy lifestyle; not only will it be good for my health long-term, but it is also considered beneficial to have a healthy diet while on chemo.
I have decided to bin all junk food and take up more exercise. That means chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks, and anything else seen as unhealthy is all gone from my diet, and more standing, cycling, dumbbells and general exercises, which I should be doing anyway, are now mandatory at least once a day.. Hopefully I can keep it going through lent and perhaps some aspects after.
Day 1 and 2 of this new lifestyle ✔
38 days more to go.

Does anyone else want to share ehat they have given/taken up as part of lent?

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