Ignorance Is Never Pretty

I haven’t posted a blog entry in aaaaaaages. I have a valid excuse.

However, a day in my life is never without its frustrations.

I was leaving college yesterday and found this vehicle to be obstructing my exit. Image

This has been one of numerous times this event has happened, either preventing me from entering or exiting the college.
The BCFE car park is a free car park and also shares its spaces with the local Tesco and Ballyfermot library, and is bumper to bumper most days, and hard enough to find a parking space. However, I still think it’s unacceptable for drivers to park in un permitted parking spaces or spaces that contain accessibility for wheelchairs /prams preventing them from using the dished curb provided.
I have on many times complained to the principal, porters and even to the board of management regarding this issue.
Although Ballyfermot car park is exceptionally bad, I have seen drivers in other areas parked in these spaces with no permit. I feel taken advantage of as these people feed their laziness off my hardship and entitlement.
I developed a rare condition called ND CNS LCH at the age of 13 after being diagnosed with a rare disease called LCH at three years old. After five years of fighting for my independence and mobility, which was deteriorating rapidly, this disease had progressed to the point where I was forced to use a wheelchair to continue a decent life at 18.
At NO point have I ever asked for any of this. I didn’t want this to be the path for my life. However it is, it sucks but I can’t undo it, so I have to adapt.
When I see unauthorised people parking in these designated spaces, it’s like a slap in the face, as if they’re laughing at my situation and disregarding my genuine need for this parking bay.

The driver of this van is lucky it was sunny out and I was in a good mood; otherwise s/he would’ve had their teeth knocked out for parking here.  (Perfectly acceptable circumstance for my aggression)

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