All Coming Together

I know I have been fairly quiet as of recent but it’s been far from that behind the scenes.

I had an email a few weeks ago asking if I’d like to try the Ekso exo-skeleton here in Ireland. This was the machine at which I was looking to travel to the UK to try. Agreeing to try it in Ireland means that I no longer have to travel to the UK.

Since then, I have been in touch with a physiotherapist to arrange an assessment to find out my suitability for this machine. I don’t really see how this machine won’t be suitable, and hopefully it can provide me with the mobility that I had and lost due to this neuro-degenerative condition.
Even though this won’t be in time for my 21st which is next Friday; I suppose I can accept a late birthday present… Just kidding, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for almost eight years, I would accept any improvement in the blink of an eye any day of the week.

Meanwhile my chemotherapy scheduled for this week was postponed until next week because of low blood counts. It will be interesting next week having treatment the same day as my party.

After receiving some encouraging results from a physiotherapy assessment after 3 months of chemotherapy, my confidence has been increased that treatment is having positive response and may at least reverse the most recent deterioration.

I am still on a high that worrying about my condition getting worse seems to be a thing of the past, as chemo results have shown things are on the slow improvement. I am giving up on holding deadlines for treatments that are out of my control to organise. It only puts pressure on myself and disappointment if they are not met.

Now I am preparing for the next milestone in my life, my 21st. I am learning to accept what is can’t be changed overnight and making deadlines won’t quicken up this process.

It feels like everything is taking care of itself and finally allowing me to focus on my life outside of all this medical stuff!

I may be setting my hopes up too high or being too optimistic about future results, but I have never had the attitude of giving up or doubting that I will eventually regain some, if not all of my mobility back, and this is the closest I have been to achieving this target; so can you blame me!!

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