Hate Needles

Another week’s appointment for chemo, another torturous day being poked by needles to find a working vein. Chemo week, take 2 started today after last week’s bloods came back as too low to start. Of course this meant all day up at the hospital.
Today has definitely been the worst day so far finding a vein for the cannula (I say that every time). After getting a line in earlier today, it had to be taken out again because the machine kept beeping, indicating that there was a problem with the vein the anti-nausea drug was going in.
The nurse told me that the cannula had to come out and a new one put in

After being told a new cannula has to be put in

Three attempts, a deal of pain and many wasted needles later…











the nurse found another working vein.

You know the way they say that after going through something a number of times it eventually gets easier, in this situation, this is NOT the case!… Seriously considering another port a cat after today’s ordeal.

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