Make A Difference

Doing my part for the HRTrust in the UK has now begun. I feel obliged to contribute towards this charity until a difference has been clearly made; afterall, this disease has impacted my life enormously and research has failed to stop it before major damage has been done. I am a true believer that nothing is permanent or impossible unless the mind believes it is, and my mind most definitely does not believe this.

It makes me angry thinking about how little awareness my condition has in society and how little funds invested into curing the disease receives from the public as a result. My aim is to get the illness histiocytosis as well known as the likes of cancer, after all it is a form of it. I want people to recognise the loss that goes along with the sentence “I have histiocytosis” because unlike cancer, histiocytosis is a lifelong illness. Whether it be LCH, HLH or any of the lesser common forms, histiocytosis is for life. Histiocytosis is a life taking illness; however the recognition of this outcome of histiocytosis is near to non existent.

I want to spread light on this illness, give honor to those who have lost a loved one, yet wasn’t given a second glance by society and help the Research Trust as much as possible to reaching their goal in finding a cure.

I hope that everyone who can, will make the effort to attend at least one of these fundraising events

The first event is a language exchange, held on Wednesday the 22nd of October, €5 entry- where you speak to a native speaker of a language you would like to learn, then swap and speak in your native language for them

The second event will be a pub quiz, held on Thursday the 23rd of October, €2 entry- The quiz will test your knowledge on general questions about countries and culture, however will also have some bonus questions on histiocytosis

The third event will be a fun run through the Phoenix park, on bank holiday Monday, 27th of October, free entry- The purpose of the run is to socialise, meet new people and raise the awareness of this cruel and isolating disease

ALL money raised will be going to the HRTrust and there will be donation buckets at each event (in case ya feel like giving more xD)

2 thoughts on “Make A Difference

  1. Your speech today at the Mps meeting was heartbreaking and inspiring ! you are so brave and YOU are making a difference!

    1. Thank you Sarah, it was really difficult to talk in front of so many people about the negative aspects this disease has done, but I didn’t want to cry!
      I’m glad you got something out of it

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