Just The Beginning

24 hour broadcast

DCU’s Media Production Society has held an annual fundraiser for charity for the last 3 years called the ’24 Hour Broadcast’ and this year will be its fourth year running. Having just entered the university this year and hearing about the fundraiser, I jumped at the chance to mention the HR Trust and how much it would benefit from the fundraiser and promotion.

I told my story faced with this disease and won over a few hearts along the way.

Bank of Ireland (the main sponsor)  ended up choosing to back the charity I suggested. I am beyond excited because I know how much money this event has raised in the past and how much attention it brings.

Tomorrow I start working on an awareness video to explain this disease and first hand how it affects me.

All of us involved in this broadcast are hoping to go further and raise more funds than any year previous, but personally, I am hoping to raise enough money to enable the research into a cure.

Make sure you tune in on December 5th and 6th, broadcasting live for 24 hours! All in aid for this rare, yet monster of a disease, histiocytosis.

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