Together We Can Find A Cure

Argh! feel so privileged that Bank of Ireland have chosen my cause Histiocytosis as the charity to support for this years’ DCU 24 hour broadcast fundraiser 😀
Funding research into a cure for many conditions deriving from this devastating disease. A neurodegenerative condition which is believed to have been lying around in my cerebellum for 13 years before activating, has forced me to transition from independent walking to now needing a wheelchair, along with other complications. There is no cure as of yet, and this fundraiser will no doubt do wonders towards discovering that cure

Make sure to check out and donate for the cause and all the hard work taken out by the various DCU clubs & societies and students on the 5th of December at 9pm running ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO 9pm on the 6th of December !!
You can watch it live on
It’s gonna be EPIC! B-)

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