Despite bad luck, I feel blessed

Before I developed a degenerative condition and saw my mobility deteriorate, as well as other aspects before my eyes, I took things for granted. I took my (moderately) care free life for granted, never crossing my mind that I had a deadline before it would be replaced with this whirlwind; even during the process, I never fully believed that it would just vanish and be so hard to get back.

I partly have my friends and family to thank for keeping me sane through these tough times. Two people in particular come to mind; my boyfriend Patrick, and one of my best friends Hannah.

They both entered my life when I was going through tough times, and have stuck by my side throughout. They saw past my struggles and saw my personality which lay behind my image. They both got to know me despite the stigma of those who require the mobility help that deterred most people from doing so.

Hannah and I have been best friends since secondary school. Being by my side since thick and through thick, I had deteriorated from a Segway to wheelchair, yet she still sees me as the same friend. Hannah is one of the few people in my life who I fully connect to, she’s one of my puzzle pieces that make my life picture a segment more complete.

I have lost basically all of my friends from before my deterioration due to my deterioration. Partly my fault, as I felt ashamed to keep them in my life that was falling around me and I had no idea why, I had little power in stopping the deterioration and my only response was to cry. I didn’t want them to see me as weak, so I pushed them away to save them from inevitably walking away. When my life as I knew it ended, I didn’t want the same friends to experience my journey.

Hannah has stayed in my life throughout this rollercoaster from the age of 17 to this day.

Patrick entered my life by complete fait. I met him on a website where our relationship began. We had our first date a week or so later and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Patrick is my rock, the person I can turn to when things are tough, who takes my mind off the worries of what ifs in my life and who loves me despite my flaws . Two years later our relationship has only blossomed and developed into more than just a relationship, he has become a friend too.

I feel extra lucky to have these two people in my life.

I don’t think I would have them if I circumstances were never changed. Although drastic, I’m thankful for the outcome.

(🙏so you can fix me now God🙏 :-D) Just kidding 😉 (not) 😐

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