Oh, you again

Only two rounds left, that’s what I keep telling myself. The novelty has definitely worn off now; of course it’d be different if there were obvious results of improvement, however there isn’t so chemotherapy is a must rather than want.

It was nice while it lasted but I have blood tests today to see whether or not my white blood cell count is high enough for my 11th round of chemotherapy. I’m not looking forward to it as I hate any kind of practice that relates to pain, even if relatively small.

My experience with blood tests has been a love/hate relationship if they’re good, it’s good; but if they’re bad, mother of god it’s bad.

If my white blood cells come back too low to carry out chemo treatment, it’ll be out with the cannula and wait until the following week. All the prodding would have been for nothing and I’ll have to repeat the process again the following week.

I hate it when that happens 😠😤

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