Respect my values or get out

The malice of people’s actions can be so harmful, even if they aren’t foreseen in that way. The results from personal problems in my relationship should give my boyfriend a wake up call as to where his values should be. I have had to accept many aspects in my life, but settling for less than what I see as necessary for a healthy relationship isn’t one of them.

I always had my suspicions, his attitude towards women, the sense of hierarchy he thought he had over me, I knew that there was something influencing his judgement. I kind of knew he was being exposed to these forms of content but I didn’t want to believe it. The first time he told me, I was a bit taken aback, I didn’t understand why, if he was happy in our relationship why was he seeking for more. The second time I was a bit pissed, but let it go as it wasn’t entirely his fault that porn was so accessible. It was the third time and most recent that I flipped, if he craved encounters with various women he could have that without me. I didn’t want part of his dirty, polygamous fantasy.

I have more respect for myself than to feel in competition for my boyfriend’s affection with the porn industry. I may lack confidence when it comes to my appearance and as for how other people perceive me but I certainly do not lack the courage to stand up for what I believe in

Porn has become a huge problem for today’s society, which makes me wish that I lived in a time before the internet had so much influence on people’s attitude.

Yes, I am anti-porn. It only serves as a source of altering people’s expectations and ruining relationships. Watching porn is the easy yet lazy way for (mostly) men to obtain sexual pleasure, when in a relationship, men who resort to this are cowardly, lazy excuses for men who choose to ignore a problem and let it get worse rather than tackling it head on. I had no intention of being involved or having my significant other suffer from the temptations of porn.

My boyfriend was basically CHEATING on me the second these urges entered his mind. Why anyone would think they can have best of both worlds without objection is beyond me. I have amazingly high pro equality values, especially when it comes to gender. Being a female in a male dominated, accommodated and unequal world gives me more reason to object to the habits that are seen as acceptable in society

I won’t tolerate outside influences having an effect on the personal and supposed-to-be private relationship between my boyfriend and I, and certainly not one which he brings on himself and sees ok.

I just can’t understand what logic would make someone assume for it to be acceptable to see another person/other people committing sexual acts. Someone who they aren’t involved with, who doesn’t share any kind of relationship with in such an intimate way.

Porn isn’t just harmful to those in relationships, it has effects on everyone who is exposed to it. Altering the perceptions of a relationship,

Setting expectations higher than the reality,

Introducing a sexual nature prematurely,

Cause of erectile dysfunction and

Associating a dependency with explicit content to get turned on; just to name a few.

If people knew what the long term effects that porn has, it would turn them off the idea straight away.

An issue I feel very passionate about, however it is your life and not mine; how you choose to live it is not my problem, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Porn; ruining people’s lives since 1991

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