The End

Yes, you read correctly; the cryptic title means that I have decided not to post any more blog entries. Due to lack of any interaction or response by readers to my recent entries, yet the countless views per post, I don’t feel comfortable letting people in to read the struggles and sacrifices I go through just to feel that they are being disregarded. I don’t receive any support, sympathy or the reassurance I need from you to continue feeling like sharing my experiences is making a difference. This disease is rare; but that is all the more reason for it to be shared. All the more reason for posts to be commented on and awareness to be built, to break down the barrier of isolation with others among society. I hoped that through starting this blog, I would open the airway for support and comments to prove that I am not facing this battle alone.

I don’t understand why people are feeling obliged to ignore my struggles, but you have discouraged me from wanting to continue sharing.

So peace out, for now

I may return to my blog when I am more established and have more of an audience


3 thoughts on “The End

  1. Your blog has been thought provoking and informative. At times it has been heart wrenching and difficult to
    read but it has made me think and to discuss this disease with others. Without doubt you have raised the profile of the disease, Thank you for your honesty.

    1. Thanks Ann Marie. I just share the issues I face in life. I’m sorry about the parts that were difficult to read but I feel if they don’t get mentioned, they won’t have the chance to be addressed. I feel that the issues I am mentioning aren’t getting attention and partly the reason why I’ve decided not to continue

  2. Hi Niamh! I just started reading your blog twenty minutes ago, don’t say this is the end already! I followed the link in your email to the Toastmasters club. You’ve raised my awareness of LCH. Joining TM is a great idea 🙂

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