Second time round

I’ve figured out (AGAIN) what I want to do in life. Before I was handed this mobility condition, I had narrowed down my career choices to three options.

A supermodel, a professional swimmer (can I do that?) or else a veterinary nurse. All of these jobs required the use of your legs so when this condition began taking mine away; I had to wave bye bye to my chosen career choices.

I was in sixth year in secondary school (final year) amidst this complication. I had no idea what my back up career would be if I suddenly lost the ability and key to pursue one of my chosen career paths (because who plans for that).

I chose to study journalism in 3rd level just to buy me time to think.

I wanted a voice to let others know my story, how I ended up like this, why the devastation deserves a cure, the unfairness by which illnesses are ranked of importance; and most importantly to raise awareness and funds to enable doctors to end not only my suffering, but every other person who is facing tragedy due to histocytosis, a message saying ‘hello, I’m suffering from a medical illness you ignore, change that’. I felt journalism would be the best way to do that.

I didn’t get accepted to university first time round, and went to a PLC instead. I spent three years there, the same time it would’ve taken me to get a degree in uni so I had to be definite that this career choice was for me.

I’ve always had an interest in inspirational speaking, ever since I saw Nick Vujicic talk, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

I want to raise awareness on a bigger scale and address the more relatable troubles faced as a result that people face, with others through motivational speaking. To get paid for that- even better!

I put it to the back of my mind though, focusing on my education, believing I hadn’t got the credentials.

I’ve now come up with the perfect solution to achieve best of both worlds. Full time keynote speaker addressing the unhealthy problems which arose from this condition and raise the awareness of this illness through media platforms on the side.

Bam! Career plan sorted 😄. But now to find a way into the market. That’s the tricky part 😕.

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