My generation is the worst so far to be growing up in

The good old days, when music was played through a CD player, when movies were recorded on videos, before social media possessed a huge craze over society; but most importantly, before terrorism was as frequent.

Society has most definitely moved on from the nostalgic memories I clutch on to. Living with a degenerative disease since 13 years of age, it’s understandable why one would hold on to the memories of a better time. Adolescence and young adulthood is probably one of the most delicate times while growing up. During this time, we face life changing struggles and questions, we are also exposed to realities our parents and society once protected us from. In 2015, youth face suicide, terrorism and an age where controls on exposure to unsuitable material, can no longer be as easily censored.

I write this after the news of events in Paris, Russia, Lebanon and Turkey and I am wondering when and how did the world go wrong to start this trend of mass killing and the practice of radical terrorism to this degree; to the point where innocent lives are being torn apart.

My generation is the worst so far to be growing up in. Why I say this? Because so much has changed in such a short time. Growing up with a peaceful, happy childhood, being sheltered from the harrowing events capable in life, to the sudden exposure of the possible devastation one human can inflict on another. It is inconceivable to imagine the reasoning behind the monsters who commit such acts.

The degree of U-turning from one way of living to the other end, can be understood as hard to grasp. Unlike any other disaster, a lot of disasters today seem to be man made and rising, the destruction is magnified and the evil contained in the perpetrators more revealed now than ever before.

The world has lost its mind, and only love can save us.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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