Happily ever after- mostly

Hello one and all!

I’m so sorry it’s felt like a decade since my last post. This year has been quite eventful.

1. Firstly, I met the love of my life in early January. We’re head over heels about eachother. We’ve had a similar childhood, both full of hardships; we have a similar sense of humour, music taste, attitude to life. 2016-01-10-17-18-32 :’)2016-05-11-21-57-47 Yes, it kind of breaks my heart to think of how much my condition could deteriorate. I don’t want to leave him with someone to care for rather than have to love for the rest of our lives.

But anyway! enough of imagining the worst. We’ve been a couple for the last year, and quite honestly, he is my rock, my friend, my everything; he’s one of the best things that has happened in my life. Yes, we have hard times, but we love eachother much more than to let the bad times effect our relationship

Second and probably biggest

2. I’M NOW A MAMA!!:D My beautiful boyfriend gave me a beauiful son. I was pregnant for the majority of the year 2016, hence why I was so quiet. My life was set to change the moment I decided I wanted to keep the baby (getting rid of him was never really an option or consideration). Now my life has a purpose (well two) I have never felt so happy to have resisted my suicidal thoughts all those years ago. I love my son and want to see him grow up.

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