Don’t be ignorant. Be cool

Dealing with the fact my mobility has declined from independent to now needing a wheelchair, caused by a heartless, unforgiving, relentless degenerative condition is still hard enough alone for me to process. In fact, living in a world designed for two legs, and not four wheels means a challenge EVERYDAY that someone with working legs would take for granted.

When someone with NO ENTITLEMENT abuses the services provided for those with extra needs, it may be disapproved by many, but nothing gets done this way to ensure for this not to happen again. But when someone WITHOUT need to use services designed for people who do and PREVENT genuine users from availing of these facilities, this is when it pisses me off.

On Monday, the special needs toilet was engaged. Who came out was a man who started apologising to me saying he was “feeling sick”.

Hmm, I never got the memo saying it was acceptable for people to use special needs toilets to deal with an insignificant emergency, at the risk of preventing those who sincerely need them.

Institutions and wheelchair friendly buildings that only provide one wheelchair facility, shouldn’t necessarily be considered a wheelchair friendly zone. One special needs facility to cater for all is bound to run into some with genuine needs waiting to use it, which is almost impossible for services when catering non needing people.

In my university, there are about a million and one facilities for non-needing students and only ONE. In each building for needing students. This includes toilets, elevators, ramps and automatically opening doors. Services that ideally would be respected and not abused by users who don’t depend on these, but unfortunately are.

One special needs facility to serve for all users is a bit ridiculous. I’m sure there would be uproar if only one facility was provided to fit for all users with full use. So why are individuals with special needs treated inhumanely in comparison?

Does this seem fair?

The world is FAR from equal to all situations in life. But I won’t rest until there has been at least an improvement.

Lovely example of ignorance and no respect for others whose only option is to use special need services:

2016-03-21 12.05.32

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