My Life: in Music

This page is dedicated to just some of the music which, I feel relates to people going through hard times.

‘Describing my life’ songs

This song is about my life (not literally). From perfect legs, up until now. The lyrics in this song describes my feelings towards this whole situation to a T, of having something taken off you and wanting it back so bad. Like Chris Brown felt about wanting his life back without being judged or reminded of the beating he gave to Rihanna (what this song is about). I want my life back when I could walk, before this condition took that ability away.

Every word of this song shares my feelings to losing a part of me that I never expected. “I am holding you, holding you, holding you to that” until the day I die, I won’t give up that the old me will come back, quite like these lyrics

This song was one of the first songs which kept me fighting when times got difficult. It gave me encouragement to keep living, despite the unknown. It symbolises that, although I am going through a difficult time, it told me to keep “my head up”, and not to give up no matter how hard my battle gets.

‘Can I Fly’ would be one of B.o.B’s more unknown songs. It resembles my thoughts since my change of lifestyle. My preferred time is when I am asleep because that is when I don’t experience the pain of remembering what my life was like and coming up with every change I have undergone. These lyrics are basically my ideal life, For the time being stuck in this situation.

The chorus of this song resonates with the story of my life! “they say what goes up, must come down but don’t let me fall” is what I’ve been trying to ask and wanted someone to save me from, because each day, being left with no intervention, I feel I’m being left to fall; to deteriorate more and more

This song empowers me to keep living. To keep fighting. “Everyday, every hour, turn that pain into power”. Despite the hurt, what that can determination it can drive


A lot of this song’s motivational message comes from the video, but this song is still has an incredible message, that by going further than anyone else, your courage will be noticed, and there’s no reason for not being the greatest person you can be

‘Beautiful’ is one song of many by Eminem to which I relate to. This song illustrates my anger towards the world and people with lack of understanding and ignorant attitudes toward my unwanted change. I have been put through my paces, yet my torment doesn’t end despite the pain I have.

When I was feeling down and had no fighting spirit; this was the song I would relate to. The lyrics in this song was saying how I would feel. “Inhale, exhale; I’m tired of it”

I hated the fact that I was given a good life, only to be taken away from me and replaced with a life of dependency.

Some songs have a meaning to me because of the lyrics. Examples are this song. Although most of this song is irrelevant to me.

”I’m Falling from cloud nine”

Because I have gone from a life of independence, worry free, sure about my future to all the opposite. I was living on cloud nine, and now I am falling down; like it was all a dream that had to end at some point. 

Another one of the few Nicki Minaj songs I like, let alone relate to. No one understands how much I miss being able to go out whenever I wanted. This song describes how badly I want the old me back again. Just being able to take a shower without being asked about my safety x100 and not having to worry about the quality of my future

Like ‘Wide Awake’ by Katy Perry, this song means a lot to me. The message I get from this song is that nothing lasts forever. The fairytale of my uncomplicated life would never last forever, because “all good things come to an end”


Winning my battle’ songs




I have always relied on hope to get me through my journey. This song gives me encouragement that hope is still achievable.

“You held me down, but I got up
Already brushing off the dust”

My attitude towards this illness is identical to these lyrics. Despite my illness taking away a huge part of my life; I never let it define me.

There is no other option for me, than to come out on top. The lyrics:

“I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar”

Describe my attitude towards this whole fiasco since day one.

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